10 Flying Hacks You’ll Never Forget

/10 Flying Hacks You’ll Never Forget

10 Flying Hacks You’ll Never Forget

Flying can be overwhelming if you don’t travel on a regular basis, so we’ve packaged our best tips for first-time flyers based on the collective experience of frequent flyers. Climb aboard and let us help take the anxiety out of your next flight!

  • Are you a germaphobe? Then we would suggest not ordering anything with water in it; and yes that includes coffee and tea!  A recent survey from The Environmental Protection Agency says that more than 1 out of every 10 airplanes tested positive for high levels of coliform, which is a harmful bacterium found in human feces. Avoid the on-board water supply at all costs.


  • While we are talking dirty, don’t forget to pack the hand sanitizer and wet wipes. Airplane tray tables are one of the filthiest items on any plane. Keep your wet wipes close and wipe down the tray table, seat buckle and call buttons before you settle in. This will help prevent you from getting a cold or picking up any other germs on the plane.


  • We see so many people struggling to fit their carry-on suitcase into the overhead bin. Often this area is full and travelers need to store it somewhere else on the plane which is frustrating when it comes to deplaning. Instead pack your personal belongings in a pliable backpack, which you can then stuff under your seat or between the hard shell carry-on suitcases above you.


  • According to many flight attendants, the airplane blankets are used, not washed, packed back into plastic bag and reused again— gross! Amazon sells great travel blankets that can be pack tightly into a bag the size of a large wallet.


  • If you’re someone who is susceptible to motion sickness or hates turbulence, pick the seats over the wings or at the front of the airport where you also get the added benefit of it being a little quieter.


  • Wear compression socks if you are travelling long distance, they will help to increase the blood flow and circulation in your lower legs and reduce the risk of swelling and blood clots.


  • Never take your shoes off on a flight because you don’t want to go to the bathroom with bare feet! The wet you see on the floor is more than likely not water.


  • We often get asked “when do I buy my plane ticket?”. Cheapair recently did a survey and based on their research results, the best time to buy your tickets is about 70 days before departure. It is worthwhile signing up for seat sale announcements because fares will bounce around before settling on one price.


  • If you are flying economy like most of us, a long trip may begin as an adventure, but quickly becomes “are we there yet?”. Take as many comfortable accessories as you can. We suggest earplugs, eye masks, fluffy socks (worn over your compression socks if you insist in taking your shoes off), noise cancelling headphones and most importantly: your head pillow.


  • Consider buying a lounge pass to ease the pain on a longer journey. Priority Pass (www.prioritypass.com) offers access to 1200 lounges worldwide with 3 different membership plans at various price points. The lounges offer you quiet spaces to relax in, food, beverages and many even offer shower facilities


So, there you have it: 10 of our best flying hacks! Don’t forget to share this with someone else. Let’s make flying a little easier and enjoy the journey not just the destination.


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