Saving Africa’s Wild by Traveling

/Saving Africa’s Wild by Traveling

Saving Africa’s Wild by Traveling

We love Africa because there is so much to see and do, it just never gets boring!  If you love the animal kingdom and nature, this is the continent to visit. Spend time in any of the game parks scattered across the country and you will be transferred into another world filled with the big 5 in their natural habitat.

South Africa is no different to the rest of Africa, offering a wild life and eco-destination second to none. With some of the most spectacular landscapes, colorful people and amazing wildlife, it is a haven for photographers. It’s no wonder visitors have said they have lost their heart in the rainbow nation.

Sadly, this great continent and its animal kingdom are under threat as wildlife continue to die because of humans who have become their biggest predator. More rhinos and elephants die from poaching than they do from natural causes and their parts are traded illegally for traditional medicine or on the black market. Our oceans are no different and over one hundred thousand sea mammals are killed every year due to ocean pollution.

If you are a conservation lover and want to make a difference to your environment, then volunteer with us to develop data-driven solutions that will help the remaining populations recover from the current crisis. Ideal for families with children or singles our volunteer programs will teach you about our oceans, wildlife and the ecosystems that provide their resources. By serving Africa’s wild lands and oceans you become part of the solution and give our planet a chance of survival.

You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a trip to South Africa, call us for affordable pricing options. Africa is within your reach and together we can make a difference!

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