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Another Fantastic Team

Our latest team has just returned from Nicaragua. What an action packed 12 days! A roller-coaster ride filled with laughter and emotion,  starting with new friendships and new beginnings.  

This was one energized team that worked hard and played hard. During our time in the garbage dump, we worked alongside the locals to build 4 homes. Three of these houses were for single mothers, while the fourth was for a young family with 3 children.  

Listening to the mothers share their stories was overwhelming. One mother had been living in the most unbearable conditions for over 10 years. Her home leaked after the rainfall and became a mud bath very quickly. Imagine waiting for a home that doesn’t leak for 10 years. This homeowner stayed close all day  smiling as the walls of her new home went up.

The second mother, a petite and gentle lady, giggled from shear excitement. She found it particularly entertaining when the Canadian ‘giants’ took a picture with her outside of her new home, I think she only reached our bellies. She allowed us to take pictures of the inside of her old home and 3 of our team members cried when they saw her living conditions.  

Words cannot describe the horror these people live in.  The first night, after we had completed 2 homes, it poured making our working conditions on day two extremely wet and muddy.  As we lay in our comfortable beds listening to the rain, we thought about the families in the landfill community sleeping in the mud.  

After the homes were built, we spent some time at The Center, which is a place of refuge for the children that live in the surrounding slums.  We painted walls and fences and the ladies on our team painted fingernails (a huge hit). What a privilege it was to be able to help support the Nicaraguans as they pull themselves out of poverty.  

Every time we go back into the field, we feel more connected with the people and the cultures.

A huge thank you to each volunteer that worked hard to make this team a success, we had such an eclectic group of personalities and ages, but everyone worked in unity to make our time in Nicaragua a success.  5 families have been changed based on your belief in the work we do.

A special thanks to our donors for supporting our efforts,  without you none of this would have been possible.  We love you with all our hearts. 

Nigel and Danielle 

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