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What legacy will you leave behind on your next vacation?

Are you ready to explore new places, digitally detox and come home renewed, knowing you have positively impacted someone’s life? Then, one of our trips may be the perfect fit for you.

Our 4-day volunteer projects are tailored by the needs of the community designed to address their greatest requirements. The vacation that follows ensures you get to visit the top destinations in each country. All you need to do is pack and go!

  • Your safety is our #1 concern! All our projects, partnerships and tour guides are carefully vetted to ensure our guests have total peace of mind.

  • We take care of all the planning and organizing so that you get the most out of your volunteering vacation.

  • Our trips feature smaller groups, a positive environmental impact, authentic experiences and the use of English-speaking local guides.

  • Our guest age demographic ranges from 21 to 66, although we welcome younger and older travelers to join us.

  • We build itineraries that offer our guests a balanced schedule; we don’t want you going home wishing you had a vacation from your vacation.

  • We do our best to match “like- minded” people together – particularly single travelers.


Our dream is to see everyone become responsible travelers and exchange the currencies of this world for the currency of love.

Danielle Bragge

Danielle has committed her career to building successful businesses by focusing on their true core: its people. The 25 years she has spent leading has generated her passion for watching others thrive.

In 2009, Danielle and her partners launched a successful Western Canadian organisation with offices in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Regina. Danielle’s passion for building strong business communities coupled with her commitment to give back fuels her philanthropic and volunteer initiatives.

Prior to launching Saving the Hungry, Danielle was a committee member for the Canadian Women’s Foundation: an organisation that empowers women to move out of violence and poverty— into confidence.​​

Danielle is the public face of Saving the Hungry. She is in her ‘happy place’ when she can talk about the work they are doing and raise awareness on poverty.

Michaela Lam

Michaela has her Bachelor of Intercultural Studies which has given her the skills to be able to identify cultural differences and bridge the communication gap in the communities in which we serve. Volunteering has taken her to Africa, Asia, Central America and South America where she worked with many local communities.

Michaela (Kayla) has a desire to work with youth and young adults and since 2014 she has been responsible for helping coordinate multiple teams to Nicaragua and Asia.  She believes many youth are lost because they value the opinion of others more than their own and as a result have a distorted sense of self worth.  In the field she works alongside these young adults to help them identify their strengths.

Michaela’s ‘happy place’ is in the field working with families that live in extreme poverty.  Today Michaela and her husband are based out of Thailand

Nigel Bragge

Nigel spent the first 21 years of his life in Zimbabwe before immigrating to South Africa.  After completing his education he joined the police force and then went into banking where he climbed the corporate ladder to become a Bank Manager.

After immigrating with his family to Canada, Nigel chose accounting as his new career until 2010 when he launched Africa Untamed: a high end tour company specializing in group trips to Africa.  In 2013 Nigel and Danielle made the decision to focus on need rather than luxury and they rolled Africa Untamed into Saving The Hungry.

Nigel’s life goal is to build homes in slums to fuel hope for a future and help build strong families across the world.

Nigel is responsible for program development and organisational accountability.  He is in his ‘happy place’ when he can see the impact our teams are making.


Empowerment –  We empower people by helping them change their lives.  Before they can learn or work they need the basics.  Food, a home, sanitation, fresh water and emotional support are all a part of empowerment. 

Community – The communities we work in are carefully hand-picked.  We target ‘grassroots’ organisations that are making an impact in their local community.

Good Stewardship – Saving The Hungry is committed to careful stewardship of all financial and human resources.   We use resources sparingly and invest donations wisely.

Tourism for Change –  We work with North Americans to help fund and build sustainable projects.  Our tours are volunteering adventures that will leave a lasting impact on the lives of North Americans.


We won’t stop until every life has been changed and every family has a home, food and access to an education.

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