Travelling With Strangers; 4 Facts You Haven’t Considered

/Travelling With Strangers; 4 Facts You Haven’t Considered

Travelling With Strangers; 4 Facts You Haven’t Considered

For many people the thought of travelling with strangers can be terrifying.  It’s not just about worrying about having anything in common or room sharing and snoring like a bear. It’s about compatibility— plain and simple rapport!    We have 4 compelling reasons why you should put your fear aside and consider taking your next vacation with strangers. It might be exactly the type of travel for you!

Conquer fear

Travelling with strangers pushes you outside of your comfort zone.  If you are someone who likes to play it safe, then this is great way to travel. Remember, every other solo traveler is probably also feeling the same way you are. Expect to make new friends and step outside of the ordinary. Every time you conquer a fear, you make room in your life for new challenges.

You won’t overdo the socializing

You will never be lonely when travelling with another person, but with a new acquaintance you also get the perfect balance of alone time.  Feeling obligated to do something someone else wants to or saying no to an activity is so much easier with a new companion. Feelings won’t be hurt or relationships strained. You get the perfect balance of “me time” and “social time”. There aren’t any expectations in new relationships.

Making global friends

How many friends do you have living in other countries or cities? Travelling with strangers can open a whole new and exciting world of international friendships and networks. Thinking about life from someone else’s perspective will expand your mind in ways you may never have experienced within your current circle of friends. And of course in turn, you will have the opportunity to share your very unique perspective with another and alter his/her life.

Reclaim single

For those that have recently gone through a breakup or change in your home life, travelling with strangers is invigorating.

Saving the Hungry offers team-based volunteering vacations so you don’t have to scout around looking for someone to travel with. Pick a date on our website and voila! By the end of trip, you will have a handful of new friends.

The best way to dive into an adventure is to travel with people you have never met. Travel is about expanding your horizons and experiencing all that life has to offer. What better way to do it then to travel solo and making new friends along the way.

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