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Today over 200,000 Canadians are homeless, and many are young people under the age of 18 with families and children.

Saving The Hungry is helping the destitute in Alberta warm. Every time you purchase one of our trips, you’re purchasing a sleeping bag which in partnership with Hope Mission will be handed out to the homeless.

Not having a place to call home means that physical survival becomes the greatest priority. Finding a job, having access to social services, or obtaining food, become major challenges even in Canada. The longer someone is homeless, the greater the chances are of suffering health and mental health problems.

Supporting someone on a team?

Do you have a friend or family member signed up for one of our trips?  Donate below stating who you are supporting and we will ensure your donation goes 100% towards the community rehabilitation work associated with his/her specific trip.

If you would like to help pay for the friend or family member’s individual trip costs (rather than the community they will be helping), visit our destinations page and give on the link that says BUY A GIFT CARD


Thinking about volunteering?

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