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Off the Beaten Path With Saving The Hungry

Many of our clients dream about that one special vacation they will cherish for a lifetime. Why? Because they aren’t looking for a mainstream vacation.  Saving The Hungry “voluntouring” offers trips that are a little more “out there”. Sunbathing on the beach all day may feel great, but 60 years from now it’s not going to bring a tear to your eye like building a home for a family will. Travel with us to experience life-altering travel.  Saving The Hungry has made a conscious choice to partner with local people both in our volunteering efforts and for your itinerary. This makes for a more authentic trip.

Travelers ranging from ages 12 to 79 have been part of our teams. Everyone of them has come home raving about the impact it has made in their life. For most, it has been the volunteering that has touched them, but for the rest it has been travelling in a country as a ‘local’ and being completely immersed in the culture. When you visit a continent like Africa and you live in a high-end, air conditioned tent with a butler waiting on you hand and foot, you really don’t have the chance to engage with the locals. Staying in hotel-districts like this keeps a barrier between you and the authentic life of the locals. Our volunteer travel offers “cultural intentness”; we want you to have the opportunity to sit around a log fire with locals and learn how they live—  seeing the world through their eyes.There’s nothing quite as liberating as standing on the shores of a new country totally immersed in a different culture.

Leave your life behind.  That’s how all the best adventures begin!

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