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Philippines, otherwise known as The Pearl of the Orient is a country that has been severely overlooked by many travelers, yet it is truly heaven on earth. If you have been to Thailand, Vietnam or Bali then you are going to love this great nation!

The Philippines offers over 7000 islands – paradise for those looking for white beaches, crystal clear water and world class diving.  Everyone who takes the time to travel to the Philippines falls in love with this country and their beautiful people.

This hospitable country offers warm smiles, tasty food, fresh coconut juice, waterfalls, island hopping in bamboo boats and whale shark or turtle swimming.  The underwater adventures are exceptional!

Visit the Philippines and stay forever, it’s just that kind of destination.

The disparity between the rich and poor in the Philippines is obvious when travelling through the country.  20% of the country live on less than $1.25 a day.  The main causes of poverty are due to a weak agricultural sector and the high inequality within the country.

Many Filipinos do not own homes and the streets become their main accommodation.  Due to the high poverty rate in the country over 3 million children ranging from 5 to 20 are working under harsh child labor conditions to support their families.


Saving The Hungry works with a local Filipino organization to build homes for a family.  By doing this we move families living on the street or in high risk situations.  Every home offer sleeping quarters a toilet and a from that allows for heat absorption and ventilation.

We also build playgrounds for children and youth to encourage physical activity. Our goal is empowering not just one family but the whole community by living, working, laughing and showing them our support on a whole different level to a traditional vacation.

Watch this page for more details

Watch this page for more details

Watch this page for more details

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