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We have chosen a “bottom-up” approach to our projects to include the communities in a meaningful way.  This way we can pour all our efforts and resources into their initiatives and see an immediate impact.

Our packages include: accommodation, professional guides, ‘in country’ land and air transportation, admissions, volunteering meals while working. It does not include fundraising for the projects (each project will require a different level of fundraising).



Diving, snorkeling, turquoise waters, and sky-high palms: Honduras may not be the destination that comes to mind, but this under-rated jewel is an untouched and natural landscape, free from concrete jungles, and [...]


Costa Rica

Imagine stepping off the airplane and instantly greeted by brilliantly-colored flowers and greenery. The lush palms, the white-sandy beaches and most notably, the music of the forest from birds, butterflies, and iguanas invite you [...]



The decision to travel to Africa is life changing but Uganda is a country that will not just change your life, it will capture your heart, spirit and mind.  If you are looking for [...]


South Africa

There are few countries in the world where you can joyride alongside elephants and rhinos, or even walk through the bush to spot leopards and lions in their natural habitats, like you [...]



Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes. Never will you bathe, kayak or paddle board in a lake as calm, soothing and therapeutic as the crater lake, Laguna de [...]



Guatemala gives freshly brewed coffee a new name, when you try its home grown. Visit these aromatic coffee-fields, take a trek through the jungle, explore the volcanoes and a must see is the temples, [...]



Philippines, otherwise known as The Pearl of the Orient is a country that has been severely overlooked by many travelers, yet it is truly heaven on earth. If you have been to Thailand, Vietnam [...]



Thailand has sunshine, warm weather and clear days for most of the year round.  It also offers some of the best beaches in the world, beautiful clear warm water, layers of marine life that [...]



Nepal is anything but the average travel destination. This magnificent country lies along the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges. If you love hiking or trekking, then this country is definitely one to [...]


Our travelers invest their vacation time not into what is, but into what can be!

Your annual vacation time is priceless and because of this we want you to come home feeling recharged with a sense of purpose, knowing that you have made an impact in the world.   

We are the only organization that combines your travel itinerary and volunteering experience within 2 or 3 weeks (dependent on your destination).


Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love!

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