The Best of Guatemala in 14 days

/The Best of Guatemala in 14 days

The Best of Guatemala in 14 days

If you are thinking of travelling to Guatemala and want to include volunteering into your itinerary, then you have come to the right place.

But… before we tell you about the amazing volunteering opportunities let us tell you about this gorgeous country steeped in rich traditional cultures.

The local Guatemalans are some of the friendliest people in all of Central America and the country is considered the hearth of the Maya civilization. Many of its greatest cities, such as Tikal and El Mirador, were built and abandoned 1000’s of years ago. With soaring step-temples, majestic hieroglyphics and mysterious passages buried deep in the jungle, no picture can prepare you for the wondrous sight of seeing the temples in real life.

Antiqua has long cobble stoned streets with the coolest little bars and restaurants and if you love the water Lake Atitlan offers perfect weather and gorgeous surroundings framed by volcano’s and mountains. Every town on the lake is different from the next, offering indigenous villages, big cities and funky, artsy communities.

Want to climb a volcano, explore a cave, swim in clear waters or learn to weave? In Guatemala you can pick whatever lifestyle you want and the immerse yourself in it.

If your desire is to combine a vacation with volunteering, then join one of our teams; there is no shortage of things to do when giving back.

After the recent volcano eruption in 2018 many communities were affected, and some had entire families wiped out from the disaster.  One gentleman lost 19 relatives within 3 minutes, an inconceivable horror.

We drove past one of the slums that was destroyed, and it looks like a ghost town with crumbling homes, collapsed buildings and potholed roads. The devastated cities were permanently condemned by the government and communities found themselves homeless. Family members from neighboring slums that were barely able to support themselves, took in their relatives. Here we met numerous families where ducks, children, dogs, parents, grandma’s and uncles all live together crammed under one roof where it becomes a sieve when the rains come.

Currently there are over 176 families on the waiting list for a new home so if you choose to join our team, we will keep you busy 😊 With us you have the option of building homes, playing with the local children or installing wood burning stoves – take your pick!

You will go home rejuvenated and your heart full knowing that children will sleep dry; families will no longer have respiratory issues from inhaling campfire smoke and hope will be brought to the communities we serve.

Saving The Hungry will expose you to the best of Guatemala in 14 days.  Travelling to this country is a magical experience that we recommend to every keen traveler. Once you have visited this great nation, you will never forget it, nor will you forget the faces of the families whose lives you have changed.

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